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Steven Universe inspired Garnet Pen

Steven Universe inspired Garnet Pen


Inspired by everyone’s favorite fusion and the current leader of the Crystal Gems, this pen has deep swirling patterns of ruby and sapphire. Both functional and gorgeous, this is the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite Steven Universe fan!

Created by hand, this pen is truly one-of-a-kind. The acrylic is wet-sanded and polished to a glass-smooth finish, and has deep chatoyant colors that sparkle and shift as the light catches the pen. The ink cartridge is removable and can be replaced with a 'cross-style' refill, available at most office supply stores.

Note: this pen has a relatively thick profile, particularly where the pen is usually gripped. While this pays tribute to Garnet’s wide hips, it can make the pen uncomfortable for some to use. I’m more than happy to make a slimmer one upon request - just let me know!

Please allow 7-10 days for custom orders and 2-4 days for shipping (most places).

Note: Steven Universe and all associated intellectual properties, including the Garnet character, are owned by Cartoon Network. This product is not associated with or endorsed by Cartoon Network, Time Warner, Turner Entertainment, or Rebecca Sugar.

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