Artyfact Goods



In 2015, I graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Film Production. My specialty was production design: props, sets, and costumes. As a production designer for many short films and student projects, I found that I had gathered a decent supply of construction, manufacturing, and woodworking tools. While I knew my tools well enough to put together a film set, or make a decent-looking prop, I never felt like I really understood the nuances, methods, and techniques that skilled woodworkers and makers know.

After graduation, I found that the film industry is fickle, and I was struggling to get a steady flow of gigs. During the lulls between projects, I resolved to learn how to use my tools for more than just cutting plywood and two-by-fours. And the more I learned, the more I realized that I really enjoy making not just beautiful, but functional and useful items. I started with small keepsake boxes, but over time I've expanded my repertoire to include pens, furniture, and whatever strikes my fancy.

I hope that the artifacts, or should I say artyfacts, of my woodworking bring you just as much pleasure in using them as I had making them. 

A quick note about some of the products on my store, particularly the less traditional ones. I've been told in the past that what I do may not necessarily be classified as "woodworking". Some of my pens are made from acrylic or composite materials, and some of my boxes and furniture have metal accents or components. And some of the tools I use aren't traditional woodworking tools, such as a vinyl cutter or a CNC router. I've met a number of woodworkers who insist that, because I use non-traditional tools and materials, my work is not technically woodworking. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. My philosophy is that what tools I use ultimately don't matter, nor do the details of my materials. What matters is that the result is useful, durable, and beautiful. You can call it Arts and Crafts, or Making, or Woodworking, or whatever term you want. I call it woodworking, since I primarily use wood, and the majority of my tools are woodworking tools. 

I love using unusual materials in new and creative ways. I'm always looking for new types of wood, new building techniques, and new inspiration for future projects. If you have a specific item in mind that's not featured here, please contact me and I'll let you know if it's within my skillset to make it. I greatly enjoy custom commissions.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in commissioning something, please contact me here.

- N. Aladdin Steiman-Cameron
Proprietor and Craftsman
Artyfact Goods