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Spalted Hackberry Pen

Spalted Hackberry Pen


How did those incredible black streaks get into the wood? This pen is made from hackberry wood that has been "spalted". Spalting is a process where fungi discolor the wood, typically on already-fallen trees, and can lead to some really stunning patterns and color variations in the wood. Rest assured, the fungi is long gone from this pen.

This twist style pen was hand-turned, and has been sealed with a polished, glass-smooth acrylic finish to protect the wood, and to show off the natural beauty of the pen. The profile of the pen body is slightly thicker than some of the other twist-pens I have for sale, and is perfect for those who prefer fatter pens. The ink cartridge is replaceable with any 'Cross'-style refill, available at most office supply stores.

Please allow 7-10 days for custom orders and 2-4 days for shipping (most places).

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