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Steampunk Bolt-Action Pen

Steampunk Bolt-Action Pen


Salutations! Please allow me to present fine specimen of writing machinery - the Steampunk Pen.
Crafted from the finest brass, copper, and pewter, and accented with hand-turned bloodwood, this pen is a must-have for any airship captain, pipeworks mechanic, or those who are just avid aficionados of the steampunk genre, longing for a time when steam was power, brass was life, and chivalry had not yet dissipated like a puff of smoke. Perfect for cosplaying, role playing, or to round out your every-day-carry.
The writing tip is extended and retracted by a bolt-action lever at the end of the pen, and has a satisfying feel to the mechanism. The wooden portion of the pen is protected by a glass-smooth acrylic finish and hand-polished to a gorgeous shine, showing off the natural chatoyancy of the wood.
The pen comes with black ink, but refills in a veritable plethora of colors are available from most office supply purveyors. Simply ask for "Parker" compatible refills.
As with all of my products, this pen was made with love in Southern California. Support independent and local artists and craftsmen!
Note: Pen is not steam powered.

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