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Pirate Pen

Pirate Pen


Ahoy mateys! Behold these swash-buckling new Pirate Pens. Made from rose copper and adorned with the Jolly Roger around the grip and a skull and gem on the clip, this piratical writing implement truly is mightier than the sword. As levers are easier to use than buttons when you have a hook for a hand, this pen uses a bolt-action mechanism rather than a twist or click mechanism, giving it a unique mechanical charm.

This pen is available in three different woods, all of which are hand-turned and sealed with a protective, glass-smooth acrylic finish to show off the natural beauty of the wood.

- Teak Wood
This wood is commonly used in boat construction, and has a rich honey color. It's the perfect compliment to any Ship Of The Line.

- Black Palm OUT OF STOCK
This is a streaky wood with coarse fibers that is extremely strong and durable. It has an unusual, almost stripy pattern to it with light and dark brown grain.

- Bolivian Rosewood
This is a dark brown wood with the slightest hint of purple, and is quite dense. A good alternative to Brazilian Rosewood, and just as beautiful. Nine out of ten pirates agree, it makes the most fashionable peglegs.

Please specify which wood you would like. The photos of individual pens are labelled. Additional photos are available upon request.

These pens use "Parker" style ink refills, which are available from most office supply stores.

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