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Steampunkish Bloodwood Pen

Steampunkish Bloodwood Pen


One of my personal favorites! Featuring the deep chatoyant beauty of bloodwood and brass, this pen is perfect for any steampunk fan, particularly those looking for a subtler, less 'cog-on-a-stick' style. This pen uses a special 'bolt-style' click mechanism that utilizes a sliding lever on the side of the pen. The end of the pen has a removable touch-screen 'nib', for use with touch-screen phones and tablets.

The wooden portion of the pen is hand-turned, and sealed with a glass-smooth acrylic finish, which protects the wood and gives it a gorgeous glossy luster. The ink cartridge is replaceable with any 'Parker'-style refill, available at most office supply stores.

Please allow 7-10 days for custom orders and 2-4 days for shipping (most places).

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