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Galaxy Pen

Galaxy Pen


Sometimes pens can surprise you. This was originally intended to be a rainbow pride flag to celebrate Pride Month, but turned out totally differently—and totally awesome! Made from durable Alumilite Resin and cast by me, the body of this pen shows off amazing, swirling patterns reminiscent of nebulae and galaxies. A dusting of golden stars throughout adds to the already dazzling pen, and complement the shiny gold pen hardware. The pen has been polished to a glossy shine, and has a light metallic effect in the body that causes the colors to shift and sparkle as the light hits it.

This pen is thicker than many of the other twist pens in my collection, as it features a bulkier center band, and is very comfortable to hold. It comes with black ink, but other colors are available at most office supply stores. Just ask for 'Parker-compatible pen refills’.

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