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Chocolate Wood Pen

Chocolate Wood Pen


Theobroma Cacao is the tree that grows cocoa pods, from which chocolate is made. I decided to make a pen from the wood of the cocoa tree.

The wood, it turns out, has a light brown hue with loose, fibrous grain. Color-wise, it's closer to milk chocolate than dark chocolate, but I assure you that it writes fine no matter what your preference is (even if you like white chocolate). This pen is the perfect indulgent gift for yourself, or for your sweet-toothed sweetheart.

This pen was hand-made, and features a polished glass-smooth acrylic finish to protect the wood (I have no idea how durable cocoa wood would be without the acrylic finish. Sorry, this pen isn't available in the shellac-based matte finish). The ink cartridge is replaceable with any 'Cross'-style ink refill, available at most office supply shops.

Please allow 7-10 days for custom orders and 2-4 days for shipping (most places).

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