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Alice in Wonderland Pen

Alice in Wonderland Pen


Curiouser and curiouser!

This "Alice In Wonderland" inspired pen is the perfect writing implement for any Lewis Carroll fan. Full of whimsical playing-card accents, this pen is sure to turn heads (but hopefully not remove them!) anywhere you go. This pen is also a perfect gift for a card shark or a magician, as the "A" inscribed on the clip can stand for either Alice, or Ace (as in, "of clubs").

The pen body is turned from hard polyester plastic, and wet-sanded to a glass-smooth finish. The metal hardware of the pen has an antique-pewter finish, and has many tiny hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds in it. The ink cartridge is replaceable with a "parker"-style refill, available at most office supply stores.

Made to order. Want one? Let me know! Please allow 7-10 days for custom orders plus 2-4 days for shipping

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